I believe

      … in the power of posture

                 the beauty of gesture

                                                          and the majesty of the human spirit~



           I work with the body  & the mind

               through movement, the new sciences and the arts,

                    in a clinical setting, classroom & studio and through performance......


                      With people    ~  some -  dancers and artists,

          students and teachers...... collaborators, communities

  and life inspirations...life lessons ~

                           & perhaps~ with you!



dancer, teacher, choreographer,coach – therapist, dreamer

Faculty:  Orange County High School for the Arts

Artistic Director: BRIAH Danse – Contemporary Dance Co. Inc

Member:  CID– Unesco, IADMS, PAMA, IAHP, ECIS

Licensed Therapist ~ California OC# 318, New Hampshire #222M

PLEASE VISIT  NEW WEBSITES:  jaynepersch.com        bellinihouse.com

Ms. Persch teaches at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza, Roma, Italy

Florence Dance Center

Royal Danish Ballet School

Guest at Dansenhus,  Copenhagen, Denmark


Mailing Address: 165 Shorebreaker Drive, Laguna Niguel, California 92677
Telephone: USA 1.949.254-0020 or 949.481-6217 Italy 333 3643117 ~
Studio/Office: ReformPilates Studio, 34241 Pacific Coast Highway, Dana Point, California 92621
Email: jperschco@earthlink.net or jaynepersch@hypaxis.com